TUSHFEST 11.5 will be an old school 'TELETHON' this year due to restrictions and some 'C' thing you may have heard of (sorry, but the only 'C' word we hate on around here is 'CANCER'). 

It is what it is this year....let's just make the best of it! 

The ONLY way we could do the show this year was virtually. Our annual reunion event usually sells out at 500 people. Since we're only allowed 100 people indoors, and with the possibility of it being canceled literally minutes before the event was to start, as well as concerns for the safety of everyone included, we had no other choice this year. (Sorry, but going outdoors, or watching from your cars is totally bogus ...)

And let's be real. If we only had 100 tickets for the show, that's not fair to the other 400 who COULD attend.

We had to decide...was it best for 100 people to see the event live, while 400 watched from home online?
Or just take a pause, look back on all the years so far, run music clips that have never been posted before, and do our best to put on a 'virtual' TUSHFEST for all 500+ people who support the parking pass program at CCI?

Kind of a no-brainer there....

So this is how we'll do it this year, and we'll do it better than anyone! 

We have special guest interviews, testimonial clips that YOU sent in to us, funny pics & stories, heartfelt moments, backstage gossip, swag giveaways, and a grand prize at the end of the night drawn from a list of everyone who donated that night.

So...instead of buying tickets, drinks, a 50/50, swag, babysitters, cabs, quaaludes, condoms....

This year we just kindly ask you to donate the usual ticket price of $20, or whatever you can afford.

We know its tight this year, and we don't expect to hit the grand numbers we've had in the past. 

But we CAN keep this program going with the 'bump' needed to buy another years worth of parking passes for patients at the Cross Cancer Institute. 

We hope you tune in and watch, comment, like and share.

If you can donate, please do, and we thank you, and many cancer patients, or their families, who already have enough on their minds will thank you as well. Free parking is just that ONE little thing everybody overlooks in these situations. You've got cancer. You need treatment. You, or a loved one is stuck inside there, and making it easier for someone to brighten their day with a visit is what we seek to do.

And....fuck cancer!